Alternative Investments

High Yields & Asset Diversification

Value Base initiates and manages investments in a wide range of areas using innovative and advanced investment methodologies and instruments. The variety of alternative investment channels offered by Value Base, together with in-depth economic research, many years of knowledge-based experience with the Israeli capital market and high management capabilities, help investors diversify their portfolios and enjoy high returns at low risk.

Value Base specializes in managing complex financial transactions in a variety of investment areas and offers investors an end-to-end solution, from initiating and reviewing the transaction, negotiating terms and representing the investors after the investment is made until it is realized while maximizing the return to the client.

The highly-experienced Value Base team has executed hundreds of transactions for its clients, both directly and exclusively, from a single client through to the formation of investment groups.


Acquiring the control of Dan Public Transportation Corporation

Value Base initiated and managed the acquisition to gain control of Dan Transportation – a leading company in the public transportation sector in Israel, which also deals with infrastructure and real estate. Value Base has served as investment banker for dozens of institutional and other investors on the capital market and business sector in Israel. The Acquisition was carried out at a value of around NIS 1 billion.

As part of the transaction, Value Base, together with partners, provided end-to-end investment banking services: recruiting investors and negotiating the investment terms for them, managing the due diligence process, coordinating the entire set of agreements with investors and the Dan Corporation at the same time, preparing a computerized model for assessing Dan’s value, planning the financial structure of the transaction and its characteristics finding solutions to economic, legal, accounting issues and more.

Upon completion of the transaction, a representative of Value Base was appointed to the Dan Board of Directors and some of its committees and is assisting in the implementation of the Dan Group’s multi-year business plan. At the same time, Value Base representatives continue to update and represent the investors in Dan as part of the overall solution that Value Base provides to its clients


SPAC IPO on Nasdaq

Value Base partnered with Dr. David Milch to sponsor a traded Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) (NASDAQ:HCCCU).

HCCCU has completed a $275M capital raise.

The SPAC targets a merger with a leading company operating in the healthcare industry, with a focus on digital and telehealth, life sciences, innovative medical devices and healthcare technology.

Value Base and the HCCCU team are in the process of identifying, analyzing and screening merger targets.


Acquisition of joint control of a credit company in London

Value Base set up an investment for its clients in Quidie Limited – a UK company engaged in non-bank credit. As part of the transaction, Value Base provided a comprehensive solution to its clients. The solution included, the company’s assessment phase, negotiating the acquisition of joint control, the characterization of the investment structure in convertible bonds and the formulation of the company’s business and financial strategy.

The British company has an online loan platform, Payday Loans, which operates under UK law, and has a computerized underwriting and customer management strategy.

Value Base’s representatives serve as directors on the Company’s Board of Directors and continue to oversee its operations for its clients.


Value Base has established and manages the - The Israeli Litigation Funding Fund

The Israeli Litigation Funding Fund invests in funding a variety of legal proceedings, including courtroom litigations and arbitrations, in Israel and abroad. By financing the costs of litigations, the financial risk is transferred from the claimant to the Fund in exchange for receiving part of the proceeds when claims are successful. ILF specialize in helping its clients achieve their full rights in legal proceedings without financial restrictions by providing them with strong financial backing.

Establishing a REIT fund for investment in residential apartments in Spain

Value Base set up an investment for its clients in VBARE IBERIAN PROPERTIES SOCIMI – a REIT company for investing in residential real estate in Spain. Led by Value Base’s investment banking team, it is now a public company and its shares are traded on the Madrid secondary  Stock Exchange. The company focuses on purchasing residential apartments in Madrid and Malaga, renovating the apartments and renting them with the aim of maximizing the return to shareholders.

Value Base managed the entire investment process in the company for its qualified clients and others. After the company was set up, Value Base’s representatives were appointed to the company’s Board of Directors in Spain and it continues to oversee the implementation of the company’s strategy for its clients.