Economic Research & Consulting

Value Base Economic Research provides professional and in-depth economic analyses in a wide range of industries, companies and projects, led by a team of highly experienced analysts.

Value Base’s Sell Side economic research papers are distributed on a regular basis to qualified clients, including hundreds of investment managers and analysts of all the institutional investors in Israel.

In the economic research work it publishes, Value Base meticulously presents in-depth economic analysis, a high level of professionalism, transparency and clarity, while paying attention to the frequency and timing of publication so as to enable the accessibility of analysts who are reviewing its clients.

Value Base reviews, on an ongoing basis, a wide range of industries including: real estate, communications, high-tech technology and growth companies, non-bank credit, credit card companies, insurance, conventional and renewable energy, food, computer and outsourcing services, leasing, financial services, importers and more.

Value Base provides Buy Side analyses to assess the viability of investing, acquiring or merging in public and private companies, as well as economic analyses and sensitivity to coverage ratios used in preparation for debt rating processes.

  • Computerized and advanced models for analyzing companies and industries
  • Valuations in a variety of models: discounting cash flows, asset value, multipliers, and similar transaction basis
  • Relative positioning analyses of companies in a variety of industries
  • Company and industry based sensitivity analyses of key parameters
  • Project financing, coverage ratios and future cashflow analysis

The team of analysts and the quality of economic studies published by Value Base Research are highly regarded among institutional investors.
This has established Value Base as a major player in the Israeli capital market.