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Value Base is a Leading Underwriter in Israel

Value Base Underwriting is a leading company in the IPO market in Israel. The Company focuses on managing offerings for Israeli and global companies seeking to raise equity or debt on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Value Base provides its clients with an end-to-end solution for managing all offerings, from the review and feasibility stage, to managing the offering tenders and the actual raising of equity in the client’s account.

Value Base’s highly experienced underwriting and distribution team, which has managed hundreds of offerings raising hundreds of billions of Shekels. The team has an in-depth familiarity and close working relations with all institutional investors in Israel and its clients benefit from the extensive knowledge accumulated by its founders, when they served as controlling shareholders and executives of a leading institutional investor with client assets of some NIS 60 billion.
Its shares were traded on the TA- 100 Index.

Value Base specializes in managing complex transactions, while integrating strategic-financial consulting to its clients in all aspects of the capital market and relations with Israeli institutional investors.

Returning clients over many years bear witness to the level of professionalism and service Value Base provides its clients.

Issuance Management
A Total Solution for the Dlient

  • Formulation of an optimal IPO outline based on the client’s needs
  • Computerized offering pricing models for the issuer and the institutional investors
  • Management of all interfaces of the issuing company with the institutional investors
  • Preparation of a professional presentation for the capital market
  • Overall management of the Road Show, including real-time feedback
  • Professional preparation and full support of the rating process
  • Management of the negotiations on the terms of the Trust Deed in bond issues
  • Supporting the client in drafting the prospectus vis a vis the Israel Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
  • Managing the institutional investors’ and public tender to maximize value for the client
  • Managing the financial clearing processes with the Stock Exchange

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