Capital Introduction

Consulting The Largest Asset Management Companies In The World

GAR CAPITAL is a subsidiary of Value Base and one of the largest consultancy and capital introduction companies for international entities in Israel. The company, which was founded by Uriel Goren and Danny Rothschild, supports global fund managers in launching business and raising capital on the Israeli institutional market.

GAR provides consulting services to some of the largest and leading fund managers worldwide. The company’s group of clients include firms from America, Europe and Asia with total assets under management of over USD 2.5 trillion.

GAR helps its clients establish stable and long-term business activity in Israel via specialization in building strong brand awareness for its clients and their products, among the major decision makers on the local market.

GAR has helped some of the largest asset managers in the world penetrate the Israeli capital market and raise over USD 7 billion in a variety of financial products.
Today, GAR is the largest and leading company in Israel in its field.