Comprised of Value Base’s founders and their historic partners – some of Israel’s most noteworthy HNW individuals and investment firms

The Founders - Ido Nueberger & Victor Shamrich

Within a span of twenty years, through both organic and inorganic growth, Victor and Ido built Meitav Dash Investment House into one of the largest financial institutions in Israel with $38 billion of assets under management and 500,000 client accounts.

Through build out of Meitav Dash’s sales agent platform, selective tuck-in acquisitions, and a broad-based rebranding campaign, Ido and Victor turned Meitav Dash into the fastest growing full-service financial services firm in Israel, expanding into investment banking, capital markets, and brokerage services.  

In 2010 Ido and Victor led the sale of Dash Apex Holdings to the BRM Group for an exit value of $285 million. Thereafter Ido and Victor served as Co-CEO’s of the firm until the merger with Meitav in 2013. Immediately following said merger, Ido and Victor resigned from their duties at Meitav Dash to form Value Base.


The second largest investment house in Israel with over $38 Billion AUM and over 35 years of experience. The firm is a leading institution engaged in pension and provident funds management, mutual funds, ETF’s, portfolio management, leading non-bank financing, TASE exchange membership / partner and other investment vehicles.


Founder and CEO of Alony Hetz Properties and Investments Ltd. (TASE: ALHE – market cap of ~$2B), one of Israel’s largest commercial real estate holding companies engaged in real estate investments throughout Israel, Europe and the US. Mr. Hetz is a controlling shareholder and serves on the boards of Amot Investments (TASE: AMOT – market cap of ~$2.3B), Carr Properties Corp. (a US REIT) and other European real estate entities as well as Energix Renewable Energy (TASE:ENRG) – a leading solar and wind power.

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Owners of Coca-Cola Israel, Israel’s largest beverage company and controlling shareholders of Mizrahi Tfahot Bank (TASE: MZT market cap ~$5.7B) the best performing and the 3rd largest bank in Israel and other wide spread investments.